Last Updated:  Aug 22, 2014 17:11
 Please report any fires you see to the numbers at the bottom of this page.
COMMUNITY NOTICE: August 22, 2014
NOTE:  Travellers are advised to check with DOT at 1-800-661-0750 or for current road conditions in the NWT or online @ 

Next update on status of NWT wildfires will be issued on Monday, August 24.
South Slave (112 active fires):
No new fires reported in the past 24 hours.  Fire danger is moderate to high. Smoky conditions may exist in some areas.

Kakisa fire Complex (SS-003; SS-072, SS-080, SS-081, SS-097; SS-115;): Fires are being monitored only.  Combined size of fires in this complex is approximately 97,000 ha. 

SS-099/WB-025, SS-056: Fire complex originated in Wood Buffalo National Park and has burned north of the park approximately 4 km south of highway 5 and 10 km west of Sandy Lake. Fire is approximately 83,120 ha.  Crews are mopping up along the control along the north end of the fire to stop the progress towards the Highway 5 to the north.
The NWT continues to consult with Parks Canada regarding values protection and management plans for the fire.   

WB-028/SS-143: Fire, in Wood Buffalo National Park, located along Highway 5 approximately 150 kilometers west of Fort Smith and 15 kilometers south of Sandy Lake.  Estimated fire size is now is at 60,593 ha.  Fire is still active on the north, which is outside WBNP and in the NWT forest management area, and south sides of the fire.  This will continue with the forecasted warm, dry and windy conditions.  Reduced visibility from smoke and wildfire activity could affect Highway 5. NWT continues to communicate with Parks Canada on the status of this fire.

For more information regarding Wood Buffalo National Park fires call the fire information line at: 867-872-0107.

SS-130: Fire, approximately 37 km east of Enterprise, on the north side of Highway #1, is about 15,500 ha. Crews are working on a couple of hotspots today. Values at risk in the area, including Highway 1 about 4 km from the fire, continue to be monitored. 

Little Buffalo Complex (SS-111, SS-112, SS-116, SS-131; SS-142): Fires SS-111 and 112 are about 33 km south of Fort Resolution. Most of the resources are on SS-111, which is burning deep. SS-131 is south of highway #6, about 75 km west of Fort Resolution. SS-142 is about 30 km east of Fort Resolution. Resources on complex are 13 Type 1 wildland fire fighters and EFFs. Fire base camp at the Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park is being demobilized this weekend. Plan is to scan some of the smaller fires this weekend. Estimated size of this complex is 2000 ha.
  Permits to Burn are required during the Closed Season, May to September, contact your local ENR Office for details.
TODAY'S WEATHER:  Cooler Today, cloudy
  If cleaning up your yard or cabin site, check out FireSmart recommendations for pointers on how to reduce the risk from wildland fire.
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CURRENT FIRE SITUATION: No new wildland fire reported in the region since last report.

For more information please call:

              Regional Duty Officer at 867-872-6422
              NWT Highway Information at 1-800-661-0750
              Alberta Wildfire Information Officer 780-799-9253 
SMOKE FORECAST: Please have a look at this link for information on smoke from forest fires and effects on people.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact: Ms. Judy McLinton, Public Affairs and Communications Manager
  Department of Environment and Natural Resources  
  Tel. 867-873-7379 (weekdays)  
  867-455-2297 (weekends)  
  or visit website: CLICK HERE to view LIVE Fire Map  
To report a forest fire, please call 1-877-NWT FIRE (698-3473)
24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week